Urban Sustainability


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Where it works: More than 130 towns and cities in the U.S., Canada and Argentina.

What it does: Allows users anywhere in the world to track non-emergency issues and instantly submit reports and complaints to local government agencies.

Why we need it: The app makes civic engagement more accessible and effective by making users feel more invested in their communities.

Functionality: Service requests, GPS locator, image attachments, progress updates.

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citi bike

Where it works: New York City.
What it does: Tells you where the closest Citi Bikes are located and available for use.
Why we need it: Citi Bike is the coolest and most sustainable way to get around the city that never sleeps.
Functionality: Bike routes, parking availability, travel times, local business information.

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Where it works: Mexico City.
What it does: Provides traffic updates and transit times.
Why we need it: Mexico City is notorious for its traffic congestion, but this app will give you the fastest route to get you where you need to go.
Functionality: Live schedules for Metro, Metrobus, Trolebus, RTP, Carrot, Suburbano, and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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Where it works: Traffic hubs worldwide.
What it does: Gives drivers live updates on traffic times and alternate routes.
Why we need it: Traffic slows us down and pollutes our cities. This app brings drivers together to find the best alternatives.
Functionality: Traffic and car accident alerts, gas station locator, social media updates

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ba movil

Where it works: Buenos Aires.
What it does: Provides traffic times, Ecobici bike availability, subway times, and parking.
Why we need it: Tips on the fastest and most sustainable ways to get around Buenos Aires. Functionality: Subway and transit maps, online public safety reports, Ecobici availability.

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Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Rewards users for recycling, reducing energy consumption, using public transportation, and buying locally sourced goods.
Why we need it: The app encourages green living through local sustainability competitions and saves users an estimated $200 a year by helping them reduce energy consumption and monthly utility costs.
Functionality: Utility savings calculator and social media updates.

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Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Computes driving indicators including fuel use and cost, crude oil consumption and carbon emissions.
Why we need it: Helps drivers adjust habits to reduce gas emissions and fuel costs.
Functionality: U.S. or metric units, carbon footprint, eco-efficiency, fuel cost indicator.

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Where it works: United States.
What it does: Tells users how and where to recycle 1.5 million different ways.
Why we need it: The app helps users discern confusing information and find local recycling centers to safely dispose of diverse materials.
Functionality: Recycling tips, Facebook and Twitter updates.

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Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Provides health, sustainability and social performance ratings for over 120,000 consumer products.
Why we need it: The app helps users find responsibly manufactured products that meet their social and sustainability needs.
Functionality: Barcode scanner, customized product recommendations.

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Where it works: Brazil.
What it does: Provides news updates and sustainable living tips.
Why we need it: Sustainability apps are overwhelmingly designed and marketed for U.S. and European users. This is the first and one of the few Brazilian apps with local sustainability news and tips.
Functionality: Sustainability library, news, sustainability guide, online resources.

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map my hike gps hiking

Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Tracks and logs your hiking route and elevation.
Why we need it: Take this nifty app with you and track your hiking adventures anywhere in the world.
Functionality: Online hike journal, social media interaction, workout times, elevation.

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energy & environment


aire calidad

Where it works: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
What it does: Provides updates on local pollution rates and health and exercise tips.
Why we need it:
Pollution can be damaging to our physical health and reduce urban mobility. This app brings together environmental activists, medical experts and city residents to change this reality and offer key alternatives.
Functionality: Temperature, pollution rates, humidity, and exercise tips.

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light bulb finder

Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Helps you find energy-efficient light bulbs in your area.
Why we need it: This app provides users an easy way to reduce in-home energy costs and move toward sustainable living.
Functionality: Bulb costs, environmental info, rebates, ecofriendly retailers.

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carbon footprint calculator

Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Measures your carbon footprint using monthly utility bills, and gives you useful tips on how to reduce energy consumption.
Why we need it: The app will help you bring down your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment.
Functionality: Carbon footprint calculator, green living tips.

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loss of the night

Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Using Google Sky Map, it measures "light pollution" in your location and indicates visibility of stars.
Why we need it: The app contributes to research on how light pollution is affecting society and the environment worldwide.
Functionality: Star maps, visibility indicator, light pollution data.

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control4 myhome

Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does:
Allows users to control home energy appliances remotely.
Why we need it: Forgot to shut off the A/C or bedroom light on your way out? Not to worry. Now you can control your high-energy-use appliances remotely.
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Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Provides information on where to buy local and seasonal foods.
Why we need it: Local food sourcing is one key to maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Functionality: Seasonal produce vendors, farm locator, restaurant directory, cooking tips.

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Where it works: Worldwide.
What it does: Helps users maintain and grow their urban gardens.
Why we need it: The app helps users eat and source more local foods.
Functionality: Blog, recipes, social media updates.

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clean plates

Where it works: New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.
What it does: Provides healthy and sustainable eating tips for different diets.
Why we need it: The app follows popular demands and gives users easy access to sustainable dining and cooking.
Functionality: Restaurant directory, recipes, reviews.

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