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Online Discussion: Breaking Digital Barriers


March 23, 2010


AQ hosted a live online discussion on March 31 about how to extend technological inclusion to minorities across the hemisphere.

The discussion took place at:

Participants dialogued with one of Brazils’ leading civic experts on how to extend technological inclusion to minorities and why this is important for Brazil and countries across the hemisphere. Editor-in-Chief of Evan Hansen was among the other technology experts joining the discussion.

Paulo Rogério, author of The Digital Integrator in the Winter issue of Americas Quarterly and founder of Brazil’s Instituto Mídia Étnica, led the online discussion that addressed the underlying conditions behind exclusion from the digital revolution and how these challenges can be addressed. Participants posed questions to these technology experts, and added their own insight on how to improve connectivity and why this is important.

Read the full discussion thread, or a summary of the discussion

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