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Brazilian Musician Jair Oliveira Debuts New Album in U.S.


November 10, 2010


Tonight, Brazilian music star Jair Oliveira will kick off a U.S. tour to promote Sambazz, his latest release that is a CD/book combination. Born in São Paulo and the son of famed Brazilian singer Jair Rodrigues, Oliveira first became famous for his co-starring role on the hit TV show and band Balão Mágico (“Magic Balloon”). Today, he is a successful composer, performer and producer whose work has earned him several Latin Grammy nominations and collaborations with other top Brazilian artists. The tracks of Sambazz vary in their sound, ranging from a bilingual bossa nova ballad to a danceable ode to soccer fans. The book accompanying the CD chronicles the album’s creation.

Oliveira’s U.S. tour begins tonight at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage in Washington, D.C. He will play two shows in New York on Saturday, November 13 at SOB’s in SoHo—and then continue on to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. To learn more about Jair Oliveira, please visit his official website.

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