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Due Process of Law Foundation Releases New Study on Transitional Justice


December 17, 2010


The Due Process of Law Foundation, a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization that promotes the reform and modernization of national justice systems in Latin America, has just announced the publication of Victims and Transitional Justice: Are Latin American states complying with international standards? The result of a research project encompassing Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, and Uruguay, and carried out in collaboration with the Swiss government, the book consists of national studies and a comparative report on the advances and obstacles victims have made in obtaining justice.

One notable finding of the research is that the most significant advances have been made by victims themselves and the civil society organizations that represent them, rather than by the State—although States have assumed responsibility for providing transitional justice.

To learn more about the Due Process of Law Foundation, click here. To access the full report in Spanish, click here.

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