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The Risks of Deforestation in the Amazon


July 13, 2009


Americas Society/Council of the Americas – 680 Park Avenue (corner of 68th street), New York, NY 10065


AQ Summer author Bruce Babbit and New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin discussed development in the Amazon and effects on the ecosystem. Babbit’s remarks drew from his article in the Summer issue (released on July 20) titled “Manifest Destiny in the Amazon Basin,” which looks at the soon-to-be-constructed Trans-South American Highway.


Featured Speakers

- Bruce Babbit, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and former Governor of Arizona


- Andrew Revkin, Science reporter, New York Times; Author of several books, including The Burning Season: The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest

- Moderator: Christopher Sabatini, Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly; Senior Director of Policy, AS/COA



Listen to an audio podcast of the program.


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