Agentes de Cambio Festival Kicks off in Colombia


December 5, 2012


Agentes de Cambio (Agents of Change), a free month-long arts and music celebration in Bogotá, kicked off on December 1 in Bogotá’s Parque 93 as part of a campaign to fight racism and discrimination around the world. Agentes de Cambio  is sponsored by the Ford Foundation in celebration of its 50 years of work supporting leaders of social and political change in Latin America.

The concert series will be held throughout the month of December and will feature artists like Susana Baca, the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra and Totó La Momposina. This Tuesday, the Afro-Colombian hip-hop group ChocQuibTown, which was featured in the Summer 2010 issue of  Americas Quarterly, performed in the park as a surprise guest.

Agentes de Cambio is more than a free arts event; it is also part of a digital campaign to promote social inclusion and equality in the hemisphere through civic participation. Through November, the Agentes de Cambio asked “agents of change” from around the world to submit self-portraits and other photos, explaining in eight words or less why they are agents of change. Throughout this month, all the photos that were submitted prior to November 15 are on display on a public mural in Parque 93, and all other photos are visible on Agentes de Cambio’s fan page on Facebook.

Participants in Agents of Change have used the project as a forum for their personal beliefs and optimism for a better future. The current submissions, which can be viewed here, document change-making large and small, ranging from the mundane—“I am an agent of change because I clean and recycle cans”—to more ambitious projects—“I am an agent of change because I save and reforest the Amazon jungle.” Most contributors express a simple desire for harmony with others—“I respect other people in all their conditions,” and “I want to be a good example.”

In the spirit of the event, the musicians who will be performing in Parque 93 throughout December have also submitted videos as participants in the Agentes de Cambio initiative, which can be viewed here.

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