AQ and Efecto Naím Air Joint Report on Sustainable Cities


June 2, 2014


Residents of Latin America's biggest cities have many complaints, from traffic to pollution to bad governance. And as cities grow and resources become more scarce, cities will have to find more sustainable ways to grow.

The 12th joint report by Americas Quarterly and Efecto Naím, which aired on Sunday, June 1, looks at the way a new generation of urban planners is trying to make cities "smarter" by applying new ideas and new technologies to the problems of growing cities.

The episode was inspired by a AQ's Winter 2014 issue on sustainable cities, "Our Cities, Our Future," and presents some of the most promising examples from around Latin America that show what the smart cities of the future might look like. Read more about initiatives across the hemisphere to promote sustainability in cities in articles by the IDB's Ellis Juan, former Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard, and journalist Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá and Flora Charner in Curitiba.

Efecto Naím is a weekly television news program broadcast by NTN24 and hosted by international news commentator Moisés Naím. The show airs Sunday evenings on channels in the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

View the latest AQ-Efecto Naím episode below. (Video en español.)

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