AQ discusses Venezuela's future with Voz de América


January 10, 2013


Americas Quarterly Editor-in-Chief Christopher Sabatini spoke to Voz de América (VOA) reporter Celia Mendoza in a report that aired Wednesday about Venezuela’s uncertain future as the ailing President Hugo Chávez’ ability to govern the country remains in doubt.

Chávez remains in Cuba, recuperating from his fourth cancer-related surgery since 2011, and has not been seen in public since early December. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan National Assembly and Supreme Court have announced that the president’s inauguration, scheduled for Thursday, January 10, can be legally postponed until Chávez is well enough to resume governing—though the political opposition claims that doing so is unconstitutional.

Sabatini criticized the Venezuelan government for its failure to provide meaningful details about the current state of Chávez’ health. “President Chávez is not being open and transparent about his treatment, and that is a good symbol of the confusion that exists in Venezuela, as well as the lack of transparency and honesty of the government toward Venezuelan citizens,” Sabatini said. “That generates a lot of uncertainty and questions throughout the region.”

Watch the full video segment below.

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