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Asia & Latin America
China's push for Latin American consumers reflects changes back home.
Jair Bolsonaro’s relationship with China got off to a bad start. Economic and foreign policy advisers will urge a more pragmatic stance.
As its trade spat with the U.S. intensifies, China is strengthening its ties with Latin America and the Caribbean.
China has invested more than $60 billion, giving it a huge stake in Maduro’s survival.
A new volume, edited by Riordan Roett and Guadalupe Paz, highlights Asia's growing ambitions in Latin America.
The new PM will contend with more than his father's legacy when it comes to setting energy policy.

This week’s likely news stories: Dominican Republic set to deport individuals of Haitian descent; Mexican high court paves way for full marriage equality;  U.S. and Venezuelan officials meet in Haiti, address strained relations; Nicaraguans protest Chinese-funded canal project; top ELN commander killed in Colombia

This week’s likely news stories: Guatemalan protestors call for the president’s resignation; Costa Rican vice president announces LGBT anti-discrimination decree; Chinese premier tours South America on investment venture; Guyana opposition party triumphs in presidential election; Honduran government brings Bitcoin technology to land registry.

What are the underlying conditions for Chinese investments in the region, and, more specifically, how do these loans differ from those offered by Washington in the early 1990s?

While the Iranian nuclear deal appears on the surface to be quite an accomplishment, getting to a final agreement is no sure thing.


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