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February 16, 2010


Release Date: February 17

The new issue of Americas Quarterly features 29 essays by young business entrepreneurs, social activists, and political and civic leaders from across the Americas on their demands, challenges, visions, and how they represent a change from the past.

The new issue also includes an exclusive interview with Mexican actor Diego Luna on documenting Mexico’s human rights abuses as well as updates on Latin America’s airline industry and crime against migrants. Other authors include: Naomi Mapstone, the Andean correspondent for the Financial Times, on how weapons buying stokes regional tensions and David Barton Bray, a professor at Florida International University, on how a Mexican indigenous community runs a multi-million-dollar forest industry.


Adrián Pérez, National Deputy
Christian Asinelli and Juan Carlos Morán, Local and National Representatives
PROFILE: Esteban Bullrich, Buenos Aires Minister of Education
Ezequiel Nino, Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia
Norberto Loizeau and Alejandro Mashad, Endeavor Entrepreneurs

PROFILE: André Skaf, Novos Líderes
Paulo Rogério, Instituto Mídia Étnica
PROFILE: Renata Sequeiro, Viva Favela

PROFILE: Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga, redbol

Megan Leslie, Member of Parliament for Halifax, House of Commons
Steven Guilbeault, Équiterre

Diego Valenzuela, Meck Ltd.
Maximiliano Raide and Pablo A. González, Jóvenes Líderes

PROFILE: Andrés Barragán, Editores Puntoaparte
Jenny Manrique,
José Antequera Guzmán, Movimiento hijos e hijas por la memoria y contra la impunidad
Paula Moreno Zapata, Minister of Culture

Claudia Cadelo de Nevi, Octavo Cerco

El Salvador
Julio Rank Wright, ARENA

Karin Digbyana Baten Riquiac, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Fondation Espoir

Jaevion Nelson, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network

PROFILE: Patricio Villareal, Imagen Dental

Felix Maradiaga Blandón, Instituto de Liderazgo de la Sociedad Civil

Sebastián Mendoza Garrido, Container Consultants & Systems

Aníbal Gálvez Rivas and Ricardo Aaron Verona Badajoz, Instituto de Defensa Legal
PROFILE: José Ignacio Beteta, Centro de Desarrollo Educativo Integral
Mónica Carrillo, Centro de Estudios y Promoción Afroperuano (lundu)

United States
High School Debate Team Farragut Career Academy
Tom Perriello, U.S. Representative (d­–va)
Tarkan Maner, Wyse Technology
Tamaryn Nelson, witness

Adriana Vicentini, Federico Ortega and Natasha Quintana, Sucre Mayor´s Office
Manuela Bolivar, Rodrigo Diamanti and Dariela Sosa, Futuro Presente
PROFILE: Proyecto Alcatraz

Matías Bianchi and Eduardo Vergara Bolborán, Asuntos del Sur
PROFILE: Latytud
Researchers Red de Seguridad y Defensa de América Latina (RESDAL)

PLUS: A timeline on how youth has changed politics in our hemisphere and our charticle looks at regional surveys of youth attitudes toward democracy,  trust in government and optimism about the future.


The Andean Arms Race: Weapons buying stokes regional tensions

Naomi Mapstone

Capitalism Meets Common Property: How a Mexican indigenous community runs a multimillion-dollar forest industry
David Barton Bray

Gay in the Americas
Mitchell A. Seligson and Daniel E. Moreno Morales

Sins of My Father: Pablo Escobar’s son finds forgiveness
Nicolás Entel and Lucas Entel


Diego Luna on documenting Mexico’s human rights abuses.

Panorama: El Museo del Barrio reopens in New York, Venezuelan film depicts street violence, Brazil’s eco-friendly sandals, travel tips in Granada, and more.

Ask the Experts: How Can the Next Generation Lead Change?
Advice to young leaders from Patricia Mercado, Helen Mack, Cristián Castaño Contrerás, and Claudia López.

Dispatches from the Field: Medellín
Colombia’s second-largest city is on a rocky road to recovery.

Policy Updates
Ernesto Rois-Méndez on Latin America’s airline industry. Mariana Martínez Esténs on crimes against migrants.

Fresh Look Reviews
Joshua Goodman examines Kissinger-era U.S.-Brazil relations, John Echeverri-Gent on policy reform in the public utility sector, and Carlos Yescas on Oaxaca migrants in California.

In Our Next Issue: Narcotics Trafficking and Transnational Crime: From the U.S. to Argentina, narcotics consumption, production, transport, and the attendant effects of violence and corruption are undermining states, corroding politics and threatening democratic rights. Join authors Kevin Casas-Zamora, Carlos Lauria and former New York City and Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton as we explain the networks, methods and costs of the region’s greatest challenge to human rights.


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