Book TV Airs AQ Launch of Hal Weitzman Book


May 23, 2012


On Sunday, May 20, Book TV aired the video of the Americas Quarterly launch of Financial Times journalist Hal Weitzman's latest book, Latin Lessons: How South America Stopped Listening to the U.S. and Started Prospering. The program will air again this upcoming weekend, on Saturday, May 26, at 12 p.m. Eastern time.

Watch live streaming video from ascoa at

In Latin Lessons, Weitzman charts the decline of U.S. influence in a region long considered its backyard, and he argues that the U.S. must reengage with Latin America if it hopes to maintain its leadership status in a world of emerging superpowers. Weitzman spoke with Christian Deseglise from HSBC Global Asset Management and NYU Professor Patricio Navia at a launch event at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas earlier this year.

Book TV is a weekend program of the American cable network C-SPAN2, dedicated to nonfiction books and authors. Programs often feature interviews with authors, as well as live coverage of book events across the country.

Read a review of Latin Lessons in the Spring 2012 issue of Americas Quarterly.

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