Yoani Sánchez Freed in Cuba After 30-Hour Detention


October 6, 2012


Prominent dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez was freed at 10:45 am (local) on Saturday morning after being arrested by authorities in the eastern city of Bayamo at 6:00 pm (local) on Thursday. Sánchez was in Bayamo from Havana to attend the trial of Angel Carromero, the Spanish activist accused of vehicular manslaughter against longtime Cuban dissenter and Varela Project founder Oswaldo Payá in July. Many critics of the Cuban regime question the government’s official account of Payá’s death, including Payá’s daughter.

Sánchez, author of the Generación Y blog, filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights last week against Cuba for denying her and her husband’s repeated requests to leave the country—and presented evidence that they had been harangued by Cuban authorities, according to Sánchez’ lawyer. While detained, she refused to eat or drink.

Yohandry, a pro-government blog, was one of the first to report Sánchez’ arrest, adding that “she had traveled [to Bayamo] with the intention of creating a provocation and a media show.”

The arbitrary detention follows a similar incident from July when Guillermo Fariñas, a Cuban dissident and 2010 Sakharov Prize recipient, was detained with six other dissenters at Payá’s funeral at the San Salvador Catholic Church in Havana.

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