AQ and Efecto Naím Air Joint Report: Brazilian Corporations Expand Influence on World Stage


October 28, 2012


The sixth joint report by AQ and Efecto Naím aired this Sunday, October 28, examining Brazilian corporations that are exerting increasing influence in the country’s foreign policy.

Brazil's rise on the world stage has brought with it the rise of some of Brazil's largest corporations. The interests of these corporations may play a role in a variety of policy decisions by the Brazilian government, ranging from their bid for the World Cup and the Olympic Games to the way they interact with their neighbors and the rest of the world.

Brazilian companies such as Odebrecht, now the largest construction company in the region, have taken on major projects in countries including Venezuela and Cuba. These economic ties may lead Brazil's government to pursue more conciliatory policies towards governments that they might otherwise criticize. As Brazil expands its political and economic relationships across the region and even globally, its corporations may both create opportunities for engagement and force the government to make difficult decisions internationally.

Efecto Naím is a weekly television news program broadcast by NTN24 and hosted by international news commentator Moisés Naím. The show airs Sunday evenings on channels in the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

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