Christopher Sabatini Announces New Issue of AQ on NY1 Noticias


November 27, 2012


This Monday, AQ Editor-in-Chief and AS/COA Senior Director of Policy Christopher Sabatini appeared as a guest on Pura Política, a weekly political talk show on NY1 Noticias hosted by Juan Manuel Benítez.

During the interview, Sabatini announces the launch of the Fall 2012 issue of Americas Quarterly, entitled “Latin America’s Real Middle Class.” While he acknowledges the progress that Latin America has made over the last 20 years in overcoming poverty and inequality, Sabatini highlights the fact that Latin America’s middle class remains economically vulnerable. “We have to be very clear,” Sabatini says. “This is not the middle class of the developed world. Nonetheless, it is very important in that it’s consuming more, it represents a new market for investment, and it represents a new frontier for business.”

Sabatini also discusses the new relationship between Spain and Latin America in the wake of the November 16-17 XXII Iberoamerican Summit in Cádiz and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s request for Latin American investment. The new flow of immigration from Spain to Latin America, as well as the role Latin American investment could play in helping Spain overcome its financial crisis signals “a total change,” according to Sabatini.

Watch the full interview in Spanish here.

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