AQ and Efecto Naím Air Joint Report: Yoani Sánchez Visits New York


April 4, 2013


The eighth joint report by AQ and Efecto Naím aired this Sunday, March 31, featuring Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez.

Since she left Cuba on February 18, Sánchez, author of the blog Generación Y, has been traveling the world talking about her work and daily life on the island. On March 18, she visited the New York offices of Americas Quarterly to speak with AQ Editor-in-Chief Christopher Sabatini about the prospects for economic reform and political reconciliation in Cuba.

Sánchez received her passport in January after the Cuban government loosened travel restrictions on January 14 for the first time in over half a century.  In her interview with Sabatini, Sánchez said that being permitted to travel abroad was the "culmination of a dream," but that recent reforms by the Castro administration did not go far enough.

"In my opinion, Raúl Castro's reforms are going in the right direction, toward more flexibility and openness, but the depth and speed of the reforms is discouraging," she said. "The reforms seem to be focused only on economic questions...but political and social reforms haven't advanced at all."

However, Sánchez says that the growing presence of women in the Cuban opposition movement is an encouraging sign. "It makes me very happy that Cuban activism today is very female," she said. "For many years in Cuba, we've lived through a political discourse that has been very masculine, very warlike...I have hope that this more feminine discourse creates a more inclusive Cuba."

Efecto Naím is a weekly television news program broadcast by NTN24 and hosted by international news commentator Moisés Naím. The show airs Sunday evenings on channels in the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

Watch the latest AQ-Efecto Naím episode below. (Video en español.)

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