AQ Launches 2013 Social Inclusion Index


July 11, 2013


View the 2013 Social Inclusion Index.

What is social inclusion? How do countries stack up in the region? On July 24, Americas Quarterly and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas hosted a pre-publication briefing of AQ's second annual Social Inclusion Index in Washington DC.

Drawing from household survey data, public opinion surveys, statistics on economic growth and poverty, and surveys of political, civil, and human rights, AQ’s Social Inclusion Index evaluates 16 countries on access to public and private goods by race/ethnicity and gender, attitudes toward empowerment and government responsiveness, and the protection of basic civil, political, and human rights.

In addition, this year, AQ added three new variables and compared countries across the region on: women’s rights, LGBT rights, and financial inclusion by gender.

Speakers included AQ Editor-in-Chief and AS/COA Senior Director of Policy Christopher Sabatini, who discussed social inclusion variables and regional findings; AQ Senior Editor and AS/COA Director of Policy Jason Marczak, who spoke about the country rankings and their correlation to homicide rates in Central America; and AQ Editor and AS/COA Policy Manager Alana Tummino, who discussed the new variables and their impact on the country rankings. Judith Morrison, the senior advisor for the Gender and Diversity Unit at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), was also a discussant.

View a video of the event below.

Click here for more information and videos from the Social Inclusion Index launch.

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