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January 13, 2014


In a region where extremes have often defined political discussions, Americas Quarterly aims to reach an evolving center. Whether covering trade policy in Cuba, consulta previa and resource extraction in Peru or freedom of the press across the Americas, AQ strives to offer a platform for practical solutions and on-the-ground insights.

Launched in 2007, AQ has worked to contribute to a new dialogue on the Americas based on analysis and debate about the region’s policy, economics, finance, and social issues.

Unlike other publications, AQ offers a fresh look at Latin America that goes beyond the surface into real issues of social inclusion and mobility, economic development and local innovation. AQ contributes to a debate of the impact that policy has on the ground, while providing accessibility to readers following the debate from outside the region.

“Any publication that helps to elucidate the issues of Latin America—in English, in Spanish, and in Portuguese—both for Latin Americans and for the rest of the world, is extremely valuable,” says Jon Lee Anderson, a reporter for The New Yorker who has covered the region for decades. “In that sense, Americas Quarterly is doing a really eminent job in contributing to the overall airing of debate and ideas, and creating an outside-the-box talking shop for Latin America.”

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