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Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas
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Editor in Chief

Brian Winter

Creative Director

Donald Partyka

Senior Editors

Brendan O'Boyle, Benjamin Russell

Production Editor

Ben Miller

Business Manager

Sarah Bons

Assistant Art Director

Nikita Kataev

Policy Consultant

Emilie Sweigart

Editorial Intern

Ximena Enríquez

Editorial Board

Gustavo Arnavat, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, John Coatsworth, Javier Corrales, Russell Crandall, Andrew Cummins, Monica de Bolle, Daniela de Rogatis, Richard Feinberg, Sam Fouad, Andrew Jánszky, Ricardo Lagos, Richard Lapper, Silvina Moschini, Moisés Naím, Patricio Navia, Gray Newman, Shannon O'Neil, Luisa Palacios, Patrick Sloane, Matías Spektor, Ernesto Zedillo


Susan Segal



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