Play about “Bravest Woman in Mexico” Premieres in New York


April 12, 2013


“So Go the Ghosts of México, Part I,” a play by award-winning playwright Matthew Paul Olmos and directed by Meiyin Wang, will officially open at La MaMa in New York City’s East Village this weekend.

Olmos’ play tells the story of Marisol Valles García, a young mother who made headlines in 2010 when she became the police chief of Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero at the age of 20 after her predecessor was murdered by cartels in 2009 and no one else was willing to take on the role.

After instituting a crime prevention program and focusing on increasing the number of female police officers on the force, Valles García was forced to flee Praxedis after only four months on the job, after receiving death threats from drug cartels that told her that her husband and young son would be harmed if she didn’t meet with the Chapo Guzman cartel. Her home in Mexico was ransacked several days later.

Valles García attended the premiere of the play with her lawyer, Carlos Spector, the founder of Mexicanos en Exilio, on Thursday. Spector is helping the former police chief and her family win asylum in the United States. According to Spector, more than 56 elected officials, 36 police chiefs and 21 human rights activists have been murdered in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in the last six years.  

“So Go the Ghosts of México, Part I” is the first in a three-part series of plays by Olmos that will deal with the U.S./Mexico drug war violence and the experience of women in wars and conflict. The play will officially open on April 14 and close on April 28. To purchase tickets, go here.

Watch a video from CNN about Valles García below.

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