A pre-salt auction 20 years in the making could have broad repercussions for the economy and Jair Bolsonaro’s government.
Real growth hinges on a sustained reform agenda including changes to the tax code, writes a longtime Brazil expert.
Consumers in China and elsewhere are increasingly concerned about the environment.
Revelations about prosecutors' bias and rule-breaking could prevent the opposition from renewing itself.
How a divisive policy managed to gain popular support.
Diplomats across the region have begun to regard Brazil as a source of instability.
President Jair Bolsonaro’s efforts to roll-back environmental regulations reverse years of innovative policymaking in Brazil.
With a recession looming and whispers of impeachment growing, Brazil’s president tries a slightly less confrontational approach.
Brazil's "adult in the room" wants to undo President Bolsonaro's damage. But his mission could backfire spectacularly.
With the opposition in disarray, Hamilton Mourão has become Bolsonaro’s top opponent.


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