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In his controversial push for a fourth term, Evo Morales faces another former president.
Uncertainty at the polls and over the economy mark Bolivia’s Oct. 20 presidential elections.
Why Bolivia’s leading opposition candidate has lost momentum.
Ahead of next year's election, criticism surrounds Evo Morales' efforts to take advantage of a global energy trend.
El Alto, Bolivia, was key to Evo Morales' rise, and thrived during his three terms in office. Why is it turning against the president as he campaigns for a fourth?
A Miami court decision on April 3 marked a step toward changing perceptions of the U.S. as a refuge for Latin America's rights abusers.
Investors are encouraged by a safer investment environment and looser approach to foreign participation.
Bolivian and Chilean border authorities are meeting for the first time since 2011, but their relationship is as strained as ever.
Even as Bolivia’s president flirts with authoritarianism, the opposition is failing to offer a real alternative.
La valiente nueva líder de una ciudad rebelde.


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