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Ahead of next year's election, criticism surrounds Evo Morales' efforts to take advantage of a global energy trend.
A Miami court decision on April 3 marked a step toward changing perceptions of the U.S. as a refuge for Latin America's rights abusers.
Investors are encouraged by a safer investment environment and looser approach to foreign participation.
Bolivian and Chilean border authorities are meeting for the first time since 2011, but their relationship is as strained as ever.
Even as Bolivia’s president flirts with authoritarianism, the opposition is failing to offer a real alternative.
La valiente nueva líder de una ciudad rebelde.
The veneration of human skulls is a central element of spiritual life in Bolivia's Altiplano.
The first female mayor of El Alto is as multifaceted and dynamic as the city she serves.
Tensions are growing between Bolivia's government and civil society ahead of climate talks

Will Francis be willing to extend his more liberal discourse on economics and the environment into contentious social issues like gay rights and abortion? The outcome of his trips to Bolivia and Ecuador, earlier this week, and a visit to Paraguay, now underway, may help answer those questions.


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