A year in Honduras gave the veteran Brazilian prosecutor new perspectives on institution building.
Brazil’s president will need to work with Congress for the country to make good on its energy potential.
A biased but ultimately worthwhile chronicle of Brazil’s horrible decade.
A new book traces the struggle for equality on the soccer pitch and beyond.
President Jair Bolsonaro’s efforts to roll-back environmental regulations reverse years of innovative policymaking in Brazil.
With a recession looming and whispers of impeachment growing, Brazil’s president tries a slightly less confrontational approach.
Brazil's "adult in the room" wants to undo President Bolsonaro's damage. But his mission could backfire spectacularly.
A young leader making waves in Brazil’s Congress – rattling the right and the left.
Despite recent controversies, Brazil’s state-led oil firm has cause for optimism thanks to two recent deals that sharpen its focus on pre-salt oil.
Jair Bolsonaro talked tough on China during his campaign, but his tone has changed now that he’s in office. Deep business ties help explain why.


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