Xi Jinping's visit to Brasília caps a highly successful effort of damage control.
Political support for Lava Jato has faded – along with judges’ incentives to crack down on corruption.
A pre-salt auction 20 years in the making could have broad repercussions for the economy and Jair Bolsonaro’s government.
A close look at the country's top water-related challenges - and the government's efforts to address them.
It's not too late for the region to take action on climate change and its toll on water.
The Odebrecht example shows why the region needs to penalize firms more efficiently.
“Brazil’s John Oliver” isn’t afraid to take a side.
A coming of age story, laced with tear gas.
An interview with Brazil’s environment minister in the 2000s.
A large privatization program already underway could help bridge the gap until reforms help boost growth.


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