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Young bloggers and Internet-savvy citizens are turning up the heat on governments. Plus, profiles of Latin America's most plugged-in bloggers.
Fallacies of the anti-NAFTA attacks during the democratic primaries. In fact, the 1994 agreement made member countries more competitive.
Jorge Castaneda's stories of the tussels between Mexico and the U.S. over immigration between 2000 and 2006 win plaudits from Alexandra Délano.
Some of the region's most progressive laws have been passed in Argentina and Mexico, but the struggle for gay rights in Latin America is an uphill climb.
A conversation with Claudia Palacios and Soledad O'Brien
"U.S. economic recovery and measures to ensure stability are paramount to Mexico's well being."
" other bilateral relationship is more important for the security and prosperity of the U.S. than its relationship with Mexico."


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