Women's rights

With partial funding from Cisco Systems, "Mujer en la Red" (Women on the Network) provides underprivileged young women in the Dominican Republic with access to the ever-growing Information and Communication Technology industry.

Cisco Systems, the multinational consumer electronics and communications company, outlines some of its socially-inclusive initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

En los últimos seis años de gobierno panista bajo la dirección del Presidente Felipe Calderón, 16 estados de 32 entidades federativas que conforman México han cambiado sus constituciones locales para defender la vida humana desde el momento de la concepción.

El diálogo que ocurrió antes de las elecciones el 11 de septiembre es importante para continuar durante el plazo electoral de los ganadores.

Leslie Schwindt-Bayer of the University of Missouri explores gender and women’s political participation in Latin America.

In Mexico, people are increasingly standing up against discriminatory rhetoric that further alienates traditionally excluded groups.

A group of women delivered thousands of signatures demanding the restoration of therapeutic abortion to representatives of President Daniel Ortega.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced yesterday the appointment of former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to head a newly created United Nations agency to promote women’s equality.

"Indigenous women, for both cultural and social reasons, are alienated from the larger society."


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