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Gone! On-Demand is available in four U.S. cities: Austin, San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle.


Founders: Nicolás Bayerque, Iñaki Abete, Pablo Orlando

Launch: July 2014

What it does: Enables users to sell their items online

Why it’s unique: It makes online selling hassle-free—users upload a picture and Gone! takes care of the rest.

Financing: Techstars, Finvest ventures, Socialatom, among others Argentina and U.S.

Bluesmart raised $2m through Indiegogo and has presold 8,000 units in 109 countries.

Country:Argentina & U.S.

Founders: Diego Saez-Gil, Tomi Pierucci, Alejo Verlini, Brian Chen, Martin Diz

Launch: October 2014

What it does: Enables users to control their suitcase via smartphone

Why it’s unique: It’s the first smart luggage that can lock, unlock, weigh, and track its location.

Financing: Y Combinator, crowdfunding

Nubank was nominated for Most Innovative and Most Impactful company by the Latam Founders Network in 2015.

Country: Brazil

Founders: David Vélez, Cristina Junqueira, Edward Wible

Launch: September 2014

What it does: Gives users control of their credit cards through their smartphone

Why it’s unique: It operates 100 percent online, with no-fee products and low interest rates.

Financing: Sequoia, Kaszek Ventures, Nicolas Berggruen

Strider reached 300,000 acres of cotton, soybean, sugarcane, and coffee plantations and expects to reach 1 million by the end of 2015, including expansion into the U.S.

Country: Brazil

Founders: Luiz Tangari, Carlos Neto, Gabi Mendes

Launch: May 2014

What it does: Collects and analyzes data on pesticide/herbicide use to help farmers make more informed decisions

Why it’s unique: It helps growers react sooner to pest outbreaks and reduces the total usage of pesticides.

Financing: Barn Investimentos

Trippeo has grown 20 percent per week since its launch.

Country: Canada Founder: Adarsh Pallian, Patrick Tsang

Launch: January 2015

What it does: Simplifies business travel through expense management software

Why it’s unique: It syncs company credit cards and calendars to automatically generate expense reports and travel itineraries.

Financing: Base ventures, Vayner/RSE

Latergramme raised $200k, has 150,000 users—including celebrities, magazines and fashion houses—and has had consistent 15 to 20 percent growth.

Country: Canada

Founders: Matt Smith, Ian MacKinnon, Roger Patterson, Cindy Chen

Launch: March 2014

What it does: Helps users schedule and manage Instagram posts and accounts

Why it’s unique: Multiple people can use it to manage one or several accounts.

Financing: rocketship.vc, Startup Next, Launch Academy

FirstJob.me has 80,000 users in Chile and Colombia and has helped 2,500 people find jobs.

Country: Chile

Founders: Mario Mora, Jonathan Raul Reyes Toledo, Sofía Giraudo

Launch: June 2012

What it does: Connects students and recent grads with companies in Latin America

Why it’s unique: Users post short videos, instead of resumes and cover letters, to apply for jobs.

Financing: Wayra Chile, 500 Mexico City, Start-Up Chile

Authy has 1.2m users, has protected 6,000+ websites and mobile apps, raised $3.8m in funding, and was classified as the best two-factor authentication app by Lifehacker.

Country: Colombia Founder: Daniel Palacio

Launch: August 2011

What it does: Protects mobile apps and websites from being hacked through a two-step authentication platform

Why it’s unique: It makes strong authentication simple and accessible to companies and individuals alike.

Financing: Y Combinator, Aaron Levie, (CEO and co-founder of Box), Data Collective

Typic achieved 3m downloads in two years, has 100,000 active users per week, was ranked number one in the App Store in 70 countries, and was the only South American app on Apple’s Best of 2014 list.

Country: Colombia

Founders: Margarita Acosta, Steve Urrego, Julián Urrego

Launch: Late 2012

What it does: Seamlessly embeds captions and logos on photos

Why it’s unique: Users can choose from 84 fonts, 240 design elements and even add their own logos.

Financing: Bootstrapped

600 companies from Mexico and the U.S. have signed up for LastRoom, with 100 new companies joining per month.

Country: Mexico

Founders: Josue Gio, Angela Cois, Julián Ceballos, Josué Cámara Fernández, Jonathan Coutiño

Launch: September 2014

What it does: Helps small and medium businesses manage travel booking

Why it’s unique: It has a global platform of more than 400,000 hotels and integrated invoice management.

Financing: Bootstrapped

Sunu raised $30k and is partnered with Perkins School for the Blind, reaching 30 percent of the potential market.

Country: Mexico

Founders: Marco Trujillo, Cuauhtli Padilla Arias, Fabiola Suárez Launch : 2013

What it does: A watch-like device that helps the visually impaired navigate

Why it’s unique: Using ultrasound technology, the small wristband delivers vibration feedback on objects close by to help individuals move safely and smoothly.

Financing: Reto Zapopan, MassChallenge, Perkins

GlamST customers include Lancome, Maybelline, Dior, Shiseido, Kohls, and Dufry.

Country: Uruguay

Founders: Agustina Sartori, Carolina Bañales

Launch: January 2015

What it does: A virtual makeup app that lets users “test” different products on a photo of themselves, watch tutorials and discover new products

Why it’s unique: It allows the consumer to experiment with new brands and looks.

Financing: Start-Up Chile, Plug and Play Tech Center

Trotter is live in six cities: Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Country: U.S. and Colombia

Founders: Ernesto Humpierres, Jhon Jairo Roa Acuñe, Edwin Jerez, Clara Arroyave

Launch: March 2015

What it does: Helps users find rental housing in the U.S. remotely

Why it’s unique: It assesses the renter’s needs and budget and curates a list of top choices, eliminating the need to sift through pages of listings.

Financing: Ruta N, SocialAtom

Pongalo has 25,000 to 50,000 new subscribers per week; the beta version launched with 10,000 episodes of Spanish-language TV series.

Country: U.S. and Venezuela

Founders: Richard Hull, Jorge Granier, Carlos Granier, Sergio Radovcic Launch : January 2015

What it does: Streams Spanish-language videos

Why it’s unique: It’s a worldwide “Hulu” for Latinos, with only Spanish-language entertainment content.

Financing: None