Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas
Be Wary of Argentina’s Latest Economic “Miracle”

Has Alberto Fernández learned the wrong lessons from 2002?

AQ Podcast: The Mystery of Pedro Castillo, Peru’s President

How to explain the administration's oddly quiet start – and what to expect in the months ahead.

REACTION: Boric Taps Mario Marcel as Finance Minister

Chile's president-elect announced a diverse cabinet with 14 women and 10 men hailing from multiple parties.


The Battle Over Fake News

Inside Brazil’s Dangerous Battle Over Fake News

In the 2022 election campaign, Jair Bolsonaro and his followers may test the limits of democracy to protect their “right” to post.

How Latin American Governments Are Fighting Fake News

A close look at how governments are trying to curb the scourge of misinformation – to varying effects.

Latin America’s Evolving Relationships with China

AQ tracks how eight governments have managed their ties with Beijing over the past two years.


What’s in Store for Gabriel Boric? Consider 1980s Greece.

An unexpected parallel carries a warning for Chile’s incoming president.

Central America

Three Reasons to Be Optimistic About Central American Democracy

Youth movements, women and international cooperation show the way to escape the region’s dire situation.


Book Review: Mario Vargas Llosa Takes On a Coup in Guatemala

The Peruvian novelist brings Central America’s bloody Cold War past to life – with a surprising political angle.


Is Gustavo Petro Leaving Behind Colombian Progressives?

The left-wing candidate for Colombia’s presidency is building new alliances, and straining old ones.


AQ Podcast: Latin America’s Promising Green Energy Transition

Use of renewable energy is rising, although politics may get in the way, an expert says.

Elections 2022

Meet the Candidates: Brazil

The incumbent and a former president are polarizing the campaign – and leaving very little room for alternative candidates.


With Schools Reopening, Latin America Surveys the Damage

A new study tracks the punishing effect of pandemic closures on Latin American children and youth.


What I Know About Gabriel Boric

Chile’s next president represents something new in Latin America, a true generational shift. Whether he’ll succeed is another question, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.


In Argentina, Some See a Détente Among Leaders

Tensions appear to have eased among Argentina’s president and vice president. What does it mean for upcoming IMF negotiations?

El Salvador

From Bad to Worse: Nayib Bukele’s Split with Washington

El Salvador’s leader seems to be doubling down on his confrontation with Biden, although he faces numerous challenges ahead.


Gabriel Boric and the New Left’s Old Problem

The Chilean candidate represents a class of Latin American politicians who appear more revolutionary than they really are.


A Decorated Physicist Mexico’s Government Wants Behind Bars

Julia Tagüeña Parga has found herself at the heart of a political clash over Mexican science.


AQ Podcast: Brazil’s Polarized Presidential Election

An early in-depth look at the 2022 race, with one of Brazil’s leading political analysts.


Pedro Castillo Isn’t Out of Danger

Peru’s president survived Congress’s attempt to impeach him, but only for now.


How Biden’s “Democracy Summit” Might Actually Benefit the Americas

Debates should focus on home-grown threats to democracy such as inequality, fake news and the militarization of politics – rather than outside challenges.

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