Launched in 2007, AQ reaches over 17,000 readers—high-level policymakers in Washington DC and throughout the region, top-level business men and women investing in the Americas, and new leaders in the worlds of finance, business, politics, and the media.  AQ has gained a reputation as a balanced, authoritative, and accessible journal that responds to issues facing the region and brings a diverse set of key players to the table. The editorial mission is to engage a new generation of political, economic and social leaders in a discussion of future policy alternatives and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Editorial Board members include former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ricardo Lagos and Ernesto Zedillo, as well as a new generation of emerging scholars from the worlds of economics and political science.

AQ Online brings timely updates to the journal in the form of Web Exclusive articles, multimedia features and daily blog posts from contributing bloggers across the hemisphere.

For over 40 years, the publishers of Americas Quarterly, Americas Society and Council of the Americas, have actively engaged in the dissemination and discussion of a policy agenda that aims to significantly influence the future of our hemisphere. We look forward to continued fresh, positive exchange on the critical topics of the day.

Our Staff

Brian Winter is editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly and vice president of Americas Society/Council of the Americas. Throughout a decade in Latin America as a correspondent for Reuters, he covered politics and economics in virtually every country in the region and lived in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Brian is the author or co-author of four books about Latin America including Why Soccer Matters, a New York Times bestseller he wrote with Brazilian soccer legend Pelé; The Accidental President of Brazil, co-authored with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso; No Lost Causes, with President Álvaro Uribe; and Long After Midnight, a memoir about his time in Argentina. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrazilBrian

Stephen Handelman is the managing editor of Americas Quarterly and director of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. A veteran prizewinning foreign correspondent and columnist, he has reported from Latin America, Africa, and the former Soviet Union for publications including Time Magazine and The Toronto Star. In his spare time, he helps coach his son's soccer team, swims and hikes.

Donald Partyka is the creative director of Americas Quarterly, which he helped launch in 2007. Previously, he has art directed numerous award-winning consumer and academic magazines, including Linguafranca and Poets & Writers. A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, he is also an adjunct faculty member at The City College of New York. He recently completed the post-graduate program in typeface design at Cooper Union. His closest connection to Latin America is his dog Benny, rescued from Ecuador. His Twitter handle is @donaldpartyka.

Alana Tummino is senior editor of Americas Quarterly and director of policy at Americas Society/Council of the Americas. When she’s not working on Cuba’s changing economic landscape and relations with the U.S., financial and social inclusion, and natural resource extraction, she likes to play soccer, ski and travel. Alana received an M.A. from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and received her B.A. in political science and Spanish from The George Washington University. Her Twitter handle is @alanatummino.

Benjamin Russell is an editor of Americas Quarterly and policy manager at Americas Society/Council of the Americas. He has worked in public policy, non-profit communications and international development in the U.S. and Latin America, most recently as the head of communications for Fundación Capital, a micro-finance organization in Colombia. He received an M.A. in international affairs from The George Washington University. Benjamin enjoys surfing, hiking and playing fetch with his neurotic border collie Artemio. Follow him on Twitter @benjamin_paul_

Leani García is a production editor of Americas Quaterly, social media editor of AQ Online, and senior policy associate at Americas Society/Council of the Americas, where she works on Cuba’s changing economic and political landscape and relations with the United States, as well as Afro-descendant inclusion in the Americas. She earned her B.A. in political science from California State University, Long Beach and her M.A. from NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. After moving to New York, Leani took up Muay Thai; she’s been told that 12 years of ballet gave her a mean roundhouse kick. Follow her on Twitter @LeaniGarcia.

Beckie Bintrim is a production editor and advertising manager of Americas Quarterly, and a policy associate at Americas Society/Council of the Americas, where she supports the immigration team and various research projects, such as the Social Inclusion Index. She earned a B.S. in biology and Hispanic studies from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from New York University.  When she’s not joking around, Beckie loves to travel, attend film festivals and tries to keep in shape playing soccer and swimming. You can follow her on Twitter @BeckieBintrim.

Steven McCutcheon Rubio is editor of Americas Quarterly and editor of the AQ Food section of AQ Online. He is also a policy associate with Americas Society/Council of the Americas, where he helps oversee the Immigration and Integration Initiative. Whenever he gets the chance, he is fond of strapping himself to a tank of air and plunging into large bodies of water. Steven received an M.A. in Food Studies from NYU and an A.B. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. His Twitter handle is @mccutcheonrubio.

Paula Daneze is a graphic designer and the associate art director at Americas Quarterly. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, she moved to New York in 2008 to attend The City College of New York, where she received her B.A. in Electronic Design and Multimedia. A lover of art, photography, travel, music and coffee, Paula also has a special place in her heart for logo and product design. Her handle for Twitter and Instagram is @paulinhadaneze.


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