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The 37-year-old mathematician became the first Latin American to win the prestigious Fields Medal in 2014.
Brazil's lower house will elect a new speaker on Wednesday. Plus, a human rights debate at the UN and potential mediation talks in Venezuela.
Attempts to impede the historic investigation are coming from the "old political class."
The next U.S. president could help prevent further deforestation by building on past collaboration with Brazil.
Some signs of a recovery, but mixed signals on austerity.
Despite its current crisis, Brazil must maintain its global diplomatic presence and adapt to a more Asia-centric world.
Investors shouldn’t avoid countries with noisy anti-corruption campaigns – instead, they should consider betting on them.
Brazil’s Congress is moving to lift a seven-decade ban on casino gambling in an effort to raise tax revenue, attracting interest from U.S. investors.
A bombshell allegation this week against interim President Michel Temer has further muddied the political waters in Brazil.
New questions emerge about who, if anyone, will be left standing once the Petrobras probe concludes.


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