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Press Freedom

Three Guatemalan journalists were killed and another seriously injured last week, exposing the high price to pay for reporting in the nation’s provinces.

2012 AmericasBarometer survey data show that citizens across the Americas tend to reject media censorship, but there is some variation across countries.

The French-based NGO Reporters Without Borders released a letter Monday urging the Cuban leader to release imprisoned journalists.

An Argentine court ruled Thursday that Grupo Clarín’s licenses cannot be sold until the Supreme Court rules on articles 45 and 161of Argentina's 2009 media law.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa traveled to Argentina on Monday to receive an award from the Universidad de la Plata in La Plata, Argentina, recognizing his contributions to freedom of expression in Ecuador.

Cyberattacks by pro-government hacker groups like N33 are on the rise against government critics in Venezuela, according to a new CPJ report.

Ecuador’s National Court of Justice upheld a ruling on Thursday that found a columnist and three publishers of the newspaper El Universo guilty of defaming President Rafael Correa.


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