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Democracy & Elections
A running series on Mexico’s next president.
A personal look at Colombia’s new president – and whether the country can finally leave a troubled past behind.
El conflicto que estalló en Nicaragua era predecible y refleja tendencias similares en la región.
Nicaragua’s explosion into conflict was predictable – and reflects trends common in the region.
The imprisoned former president will be center stage in the Oct. 7 election – even if he’s not a candidate.
Threats to Nicolás Maduro’s hold on power look more likely to come from within chavismo than from without.
López Obrador offered new details on his plans to clean up and reshape Mexico’s government.
Mexico’s next president will soon face the same economic challenges that propelled him to victory.
Mexico’s economic realities will temper its new president's more radical ambitions.
Journalist John Otis reports on the Nicaraguan president's violent crackdown on protesters in this episode of “Deep South.”


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