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Democracy & Elections
The opposition's next steps suggest a showdown is imminent. But on the ground in Venezuela, nothing is certain.
With Daniel Ortega's re-election on November 6 all but assured, his critics fear a return to the dynastic politics of the past.
The end of democracy in Venezuela was predictable, but it was still shocking in a number of ways.
La repentina inmersión de una jóven madre en la política.
“Tienes que participar”
La valiente nueva líder de una ciudad rebelde.
Reescribiendo las reglas de la política mexicana.
Reviviendo la izquierda peruana
The environmentalist who predicted the crisis is now a slight frontrunner for 2018. But she has her own challenges to face.
Ela previu o colapso do Brasil. Agora, é a favorita (por uma margem estreita) para 2018. Será que chegou a sua vez?


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