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Brazilian Minister Answers to Corruption Allegations


Carlos Lupi, Brazil’s minister of labor appeared before the Senate yesterday to defend himself against a series of corruption allegations that surfaced earlier this month in an exposé by news magazine Veja. According to reports, advisers to the minister demanded kickbacks on government contracts with nongovernmental groups. Also, reports allege that Lupi accepted travel on an airplane funded by the head of an organization that administers contracts for the Brazilian government.

Lupi fired key advisors to try to move forward from the allegations of wrongdoing. However, members from his Partido Democrático Laborista (PDT) have begun urging him to resign. Lupi’s response has been defiant: “No one can have their honor thrown in the garbage by an anonymous denunciation...I am not involved in any wrongdoing.”

Minister Lupi is the most recent of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet members to face possible resignation. Since taking office in January, Rousseff has let go several other ministers including Transportation Minister Alfredo Nascimento, Minister of Agriculture Wagner Rossi,  Minister of Tourism Pedro Novais, Minister of Sports Orlando Silva, and Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim


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