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AQ Slideshow (UPDATED): Election Photos from Unidad Educativa Santo Tomas de Aquino in Caracas

A slideshow with election day photos from the east side of Caracas.

Exclusive photos taken at around 11:00 am (local) at the electoral center at Unidad Educativa Santo Tomas de Aquino located in Campo Alegre on the east side of Caracas. The voting is rather calm and very orderly. The majority of the people who signed up at this center have voted already with many beginning to stand in line by 5:00 am. The area around this center is mainly pro-Capriles.

Later, photos were taken at the Unidad Educativa Santo Tomas de Villanueva voting center in Caracas, where opposition candidate Henrique Capriles cast his ballot.

All pictures taken October 7 by Laura Gonzalez.

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