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Arts & Culture
Tense energy and a wandering spirit highlight the Venezuelan guitarist and songwriter’s latest album.
This Peruvian designer merges fashion with psychology to address issues of women's health.
Her own conflicted relationship with race led this Brazilian photographer to push for equality.
He endured persecution to become one of Cuba’s most recognized graffiti artists.
He survived a hate crime as a youth. Now, this Venezuelan illustrator uses art to fight bigotry and celebrate LGBTQ identity.
Known for his raw depictions of Donald Trump, this Cuban artist sees parallels between his past and present.
A poetic film from one of Argentina's bright young directors.
Journalist Fabio Zanini digs into one of Brazil’s most corrosive and enduring myths: that its size entitles it to power and influence abroad.
Despite the rhetoric, deportations are down under Trump – but undocumented immigrants are still at risk.


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