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Democracy & Elections
Reescribiendo las reglas de la política mexicana.
Reviviendo la izquierda peruana
The environmentalist who predicted the crisis is now a slight frontrunner for 2018. But she has her own challenges to face.
Ela previu o colapso do Brasil. Agora, é a favorita (por uma margem estreita) para 2018. Será que chegou a sua vez?
A very early look at the race to succeed President Michel Temer reveals a wide-open field of mostly familiar names.
An unexpected plunge into politics turned this 30-year-old mother into a national symbol of resistance.
A small town mayor with big ideas for change in Brazil's troubled political landscape.
The first female mayor of El Alto is as multifaceted and dynamic as the city she serves.
The former presidential candidate stoking hopes that a modern, more electable left may be taking root in Peru.
A pro-Chávez movement against Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro is getting more organized.


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