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Environment & Sustainability
Brazil's (and the region's) leader in sustainability is making new strides, but some of the city's first successes are under strain.
Has corruption undermined one of the region's leaders in sustainability and the benefits the policies have brought to the city's poor?
A different way to look at resource and waste management.
Can green policies survive across municipal administrations?
The IDB tackles climate change at the municipal level.
How to make a city self-sufficient, neighborhood by neighborhood.
Medellín-based utility company EPM Group explains how it benefits from a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

Powerful Tropical Storm Manuel—which together with Tropical Storm Ingrid has already killed at least 81 people across 11 states in Mexico—was upgraded to a category one hurricane today.

Often referred to as “games for good” or “games for change,” a new generation of socially- and environmentally-oriented online simulation games aims to go beyond entertainment by raising awareness of global issues and securing funds for projects—making a real-word difference. 


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