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Zika Interview

Is Latin America Winning Its Fight Against Zika?

The World Health Organization on Nov. 18 said that Zika no longer constituted a global health emergency. But that doesn’t mean the virus is no longer a threat. According to Giselle Carino of the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPFF/WHR), Zika is “like no other virus we have ever known” in that it is … Read more

Zika Mosquitos

Venezuela’s Zika Outbreak May Be 150 Times Worse Than Reported, Study Says

When it comes to the Zika virus’ impact on Venezuela, it’s the government’s word versus Google and Twitter. Based on data gathered in part from the search engine and social network, the watchdog health group Observatorio Venezolano de la Salud (OVS) estimates that nearly 700,000 people have been infected with Zika in Venezuela. That’s around 150 … Read more

Zika Top

The Simple Anti-Zika Trick You Won’t See in Brazil

To combat the spread of the Zika virus, Brazil has zapped male mosquitoes with gamma rays, rolled out cyber mosquitos and smartphone apps, released genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild, and deployed nearly 250,000 troops to spray insecticides and add larvicides where mosquitoes lay eggs. Indeed, Brazilian authorities seem willing to do almost anything to curb Zika’s expansion. Just don’t ask them … Read more

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