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Twitter- Famous in Latin America

By Néstor David Pastor

With over 75 million users, Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms in Latin America, and growing. By 2020, the number of users is expected to top 100 million. But the number varies considerably by country. While individual accounts in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina each boast millions of followers, other countries have yet to establish a signifi cant base of active users. Most-followed profi les reveal a great deal about national interests — from soccer stars in Brazil to female pop stars in Mexico. But there are also surprises. In Chile, a journalist, a soccer player and a YouTube celebrity share top billing. Here’s a snapshot of the hottest magnets for Twitterati in 2016.
NOTE: The profiles selected, based on number of followers, represent individual entities only. In many cases, the top profi les include media organizations and other collective entities, but these accounts were omitted. source: Social Bakers, Twitter statistics directory http://www. socialbakers.com/statistics/twitter/ Accessed May 18, 2016 PHOTOS, left to right: Jean Catuffe/Getty; Alex Fau/Wikimedia; Carol Garcia/AGECOM/Wikimedia; El Hormiguero/Flickr; TIP-XL/ English Wikipedia; Harrywad/Wikimedia; robbiesaurus/Flickr; Guillermo Moreno/Wikimedia; Zeronig/Flickr; Alex Livesey/ Getty; Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty; Casa Rosada Presidencia de la nación Argentina; German Garmendia; Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty; Mauricio Bustamante; Lluís/Sabadel/ Wikimedia; Ailura/Wikimedia; Ailura/Wikimedia; Nick Webb/ Flickr; Dannow/English Wikipedia; Adam Bielawski/Wikimedia
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