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What an Ugly (But Delicious!) 450-Pound Fish Tells Us About Sustainable Development in the Amazon

The pirarucu could be a global sensation, producers say. But politics, poor logistics and other challenges stand in the way.

Amazon Business

Amazon Case Study: “River Uber”

2.4 million square miles worth of waterways can be the answer for the region’s logistics bottlenecks.

Amazon Case Study: A Different Approach to Cattle Ranching

Some producers have reduced gas emissions and taken advantage of misused land.

Amazon Case Study: Boutique Chocolate

The region could become a new frontier for cocoa production.

Amazon Case Study: The Shrub Treating Glaucoma

A local cooperative is supplying the world with an essential component for glaucoma treatment.

Amazon Case Study: Making Mining Work

The world’s largest iron ore mine has mitigated its environmental impact, experts say.

Amazon Case Study: Natura’s Supply Chain

The market leader gets about 17% of its components from the rainforest.

Featured Content

Governor Flávio Dino: The Amazon Is Brazil’s Future

The region’s governors envision a win-win strategy that differs in many ways from the Bolsonaro administration's approach.

Afro-Brazilians Must Be Included in the Quest for Amazon Sustainability

The Amazon's Black community, one of Brazil’s largest, faces numerous challenges.

Brazilian Agribusiness: We’re Not the Enemy in the Amazon

Law-abiding farmers strongly oppose illegal deforestation, an industry leader writes.

The Amazon’s Big Cities Need Green Jobs Too. It’s a Challenge

The region’s cities face dire poverty and unemployment.

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