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Listen to Latin America’s Women

"The way forward is through the strengthening of creative, informed and empowered citizens—not in the reimposition of state controls on society."

The challenges facing the president of the U.S. are not those of a new administration, but of a new age. Global sustainability, peace and respect for human rights in a diverse world are the foremost issues confronting the new generation of leaders in Washington.

The next president will be dealing with an increasingly complex Latin America, one that is striving to become more open and democratic. His challenge will be to look at Latin America not as a problem, but as an irreplaceable partner in confronting global issues.

The rise in Latin America of a critical mass of creative scientists, entrepreneurs and social innovators...

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Tags: U.S. President-elect, Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira, Women’s Leadership Center in Rio de Janeiro, Latin American Women, Women in Latin America, Brazil’s Council of Women’s Rights

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