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The cover of Americas Quarterly's issue on Uruguay.

Uruguay’s “Fascinating Gambit” On Trade

The nation is looking past Mercosur to China and the Pacific—and Washington is in danger of missing out.

Susan Segal: Uruguay Shows the Power of a Sense of Security

Good public services are the foundation for business success without backlash, writes AS/COA’s CEO.

Elections 2023

Meet the leading candidates in this year's presidential races.

Zury Ríos Campaigns to Lead Guatemala’s Faltering Democracy

A controversial past weighs heavily on the conservative’s presidential bid.

China’s Evolving Presence in Latin America

As Chinese loans drop off, policymakers in the region must consider how other pillars of the economic relationship have remained steady.

A man wears a prosthetic arm and hand developed by LAT Bionics, a Peruvian company focused on low-cost prosthetic designs.

Luke Skywalker Inspired Him As a Boy. Now, His Company Makes Low-Cost Prosthetics.

From Urubamba, Peru, Enzo Romero started LAT Bionics to put prostheses within reach for more people.

How Mexico’s “Undefeated Caudillo” Met His End

Álvaro Obregón was victorious in the Mexican Revolution, but his lust for power left deep scars on the country’s politics.

One Year Later: The Pandemic’s Uneven Toll on Latin American Education

A year after AQ’s education issue, the COVID crisis has magnified learning inequality in the region.


Arthur Bispo do Rosario Wanted to Contain the World in Art

Living in a psychiatric institution, the Brazilian artist used found materials to catalog the world.

A Brazilian evangelical megachurch pastor and former President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil stand together on stage.

Explaining Evangelicalism’s Uneven Political Success

A new book sheds light on why evangelical Christianity has generated greater electoral power in some Latin American countries than in others.

Mariana Enríquez’s Meaningful Monsters

An Argentine novel uses the supernatural to explore abuses of power in the country’s past and present.

A still from the Mexican film La Caja, about violence and expoitation.

Inside the Vicious Cycle of Mexico’s Disappearances

A new film by Lorenzo Vigas probes the cruel process by which victims of violence can become participants.

Windows Onto a “Hidden City”: Bogotá’s Creative Districts

Renewing distressed areas and recognizing bohemian haunts, these districts in Colombia’s capital have been praised—and also criticized.

AQ’s Winter Playlist: Mellow Music for the Southern Summer

A selection of new Latin American releases, to warm a cold Northern night or dance a Southern summer night away.

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