AQ Notable Patricio Villareal in New York Times


February 27, 2013


Three years after appearing in Americas Quarterly’s Winter 2010 issue, “Voices from the New Generation,” Mexican entrepreneur Patricio Villareal Zambrano is continuing to receive media recognition for his mission to improve health care access for middle and lower income patients in Monterrey.

On Tuesday, Villareal was one of three entrepreneurs featured in columnist Thomas Friedman’s New York Times article on the rise of young business innovators in Mexico. “Monterrey has tens of thousands of poor living in shantytowns. They’ve been there for decades. What is new, though is that this city, Mexico’s Silicon Valley, now also has a critical mass of young, confident innovators trying to solve Mexico’s problems, by leveraging technology and globalization,” Friedman writes.

Villareal and his brother Patricio have been working for nearly two decades to provide low-cost dental, optical and hearing services for Mexican consumers, co-founding their first company, Imagen Dental, in 1994. Since then, Villareal has also co-founded Alivio Capital, a consumer credit company that provides loans for hospital care and medical service for those who can’t afford health care on their own.

Along with Villareal, Friedman mentions other notable young innovators in Monterrey, including Raúl Maldonado, the founder of after-school education and Internet literacy program ENova; André Muñoz Jr., inventor of a solar hot-water heater and purifier; and Arturo Galván, founder of Naranya, an Internet company that provides services for low-income consumers.

Since appearing in AQ, Villareal also participated as a panelist in an AQ issue launch in November 2010 that focused on expanding access to health care in the Americas.

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