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Emprezz Golding: "Jamaican Youth Have a Bright Future"

The advocate and media personality from Jamaica tells AQ how young leaders can help peers get involved and improve their communities.
Courtesy of author

For our latest print issue on youth in Latin America, we asked leading young politicians, artists and entrepreneurs from around the region about the biggest challenge facing youth in their country today. See all of their answers here. 

I have interacted with thousands of young Jamaicans via platforms I’ve created, like the Talk Up Yout TV Show, Talk Up Radio and most recently, the YoutfiChat program, which fosters advocacy training and direct dialogue between youth and their elected officials. They tell us about unemployment, absentee parents and inadequate parental guidance, and high crime and violence. But these issues create the biggest issue — the political and economic powerlessness they feel in trying to change their reality. Youth are frustrated and they don’t believe they can have an impact. Our rising youth leaders and advocates are committed to changing that. Jamaican youth have a bright future ahead of them — and we’re helping them get there.


Golding is a youth advocate and media personality in Jamaica

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