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5 Big Ideas for a Post-COVID Latin America

The region had already been experiencing stagnant growth, rising inequality and a new anti-democratic wave. Now is the time for bold – even radical – thinking.

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5 Big Ideas for a Post-COVID Latin America

From universal health care to a revival of hemispheric trade talks, it's time to be bold.

Let's Look Beyond GDP to Rebuild Latin America

By ALICIA BÁRCENA Well-being, inequality and sustainability should be measured just as carefully as the monetary value of a nation's products.

Four Steps to Making Guaranteed Income a Reality in Latin Americas

By MARCELA ESLAVA, ANDRÉS ZAMBRANO, and ANDRÉS ÁLVAREZ It's a tough sell, but supporting Latin America's low earners and unemployed is worth the fight. Here's how to get it done.

How to Stop COVID-19 From Destroying Latin America's University Dreams

By SERGIO FAJARDO, GONZALO HERNÁNDEZ, JOSÉ TORO, JAIME PARRA, FELIPE GIL and VÍCTOR SAAVEDRA Investing in the most vulnerable students now can ensure their ability to rebuild the region's economies after the pandemic.

Despite Troubles, Brazil's SUS Health System Can Be a Model for Latin America

By ARMÍNIO FRAGA, MIGUEL LAGO and RUDI ROCHA COVID-19 has been a disaster, but Brazil's public health care system on a large scale is possible – and effective.

Yes, Really: It's Time to Revive Hemispheric Trade Talks

By ERIC FARNSWORTH The demands of rebuilding regional economies may leave little alternative to a hemispheric trade deal.
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