Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

How to Reverse COVID’s Toll on Latin American Education

Despite grim statistics, a post-pandemic renaissance in learning is possible – if governments choose the right path.

Graphic: The Hard Truth About Latin America’s Education Crisis

AQ crunches the data on pandemic-triggered closures, dropout rates and more.

Susan Segal: Fixing Education Should Be Our Top Priority

Thoughtful investment in learning after the pandemic is a must for the region’s leaders.

Facing Hunger, Venezuelans Rely on Nature’s Bounty

Photographer Andrea Hernández Briceño depicts how the land provides a precarious solution to the country’s food shortages.

Edu Lyra: How to Fight Poverty from Within

Brazilian NGO Gerando Falcões reaches hundreds of favelas by partnering with local activists.


Film Review: One Woman’s Intimate Rebellion

A Swedish–Costa Rican director takes an unexpected approach to themes of sexuality and religious devotion.

Book Review: Will Bolsonarismo Outlast Bolsonaro?

A new book by Richard Lapper sheds light on Brazil's culture of popular conservatism.

Book Review: The Life of a Guerrilla Turned Filmmaker

A Colombian novelist puts a fictional spin on the extraordinary biography of director Sergio Cabrera.

AQ’s Winter Playlist: Two Musicians Turning Tradition Inside Out

A pyrotechnic Brazilian pianist and a transgender Mexican “witch” put daring new twists on established musical convention.

Long View: When An Austrian Archduke Became Emperor of Mexico

The little-known story of the 19th-century French invasion that gave rise to Cinco de Mayo.

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