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Social Mobility: Innovations and Constraints

Spring 2008

Latin America's challenges of systemic poverty, high inequality and social mobility.


  • Back to Basics

    by José Antonio Ocampo
    Universal welfare programs are returning to the social policy mix in the hemisphere. By their very nature, limited social assistance policies have limited impact.
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    Counting the Poor

    by Sanjay G. Reddy
    The first step in designing effective programs to reduce poverty in the region is to figure out the real numbers. Unfortunately, that's harder than it looks.
  • published article?1

    High Inequality

    by Guillermo Perry
    Recent research suggests that exclusion represents a severe drag on the region's economic growth and stability. Tackling high inequality and low social mobility is fundamental to getting economies on a sure footing.
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    Free Trade and Poverty

    by José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs
    A fierce debate rages over whether globalization reduces or increases poverty and inequality. The evidence doesn't always provide comfortable answers for either side.
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    Pocketbook Poverty Alleviation

    by Eduardo L.G. Rios-Neto
    Targeted monetary transfer programs such as Brazil's "Bolsa Familia" represent bold new alternatives in the field of poverty alleviation. Do they work as well as their advocates claim?
  • published article?1

    Cuba No Libre

    by Gary Marx and Cecilia Vaisman
    Cuba's new President is anything but, and the much expected change in power will bring only minor modifications for Cuba's long-suffering citizens.
  • published article?1

    Frustration Mounts

    by Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat
    Growing unrest among soldiers, workers and students in Cuba is putting unexpected pressure on the regime.



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  • Fresh Look Reviews (Spring 2008)

    Fresh, unique perspectives on recent books from across the hemisphere originally published in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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  • Dispatches from the Field: São Paulo (Spring 2008)

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  • Panorama: Looking at Our Hemisphere from all Directions (Spring 2008)

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  • Interview (Spring 2008)

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