Endnotes: Humanitarian Interventionism Brazilian Style?

Below are the endnotes from Humanitarian Interventionism Brazilian Style? by Matias Spektor (Summer 2012 AQ).

1.    Gaouette, Nicole, “U.S. ‘Not Encouraged’ by India, South Africa and Brazil at the UN” BloombergBusinessweek  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-09-13/u-s-not-encouraged-by-india-.... Last accessed July 12, 2012.

2.    Patrick, Steward, “Irresponsible Stakeholders?” Foreign Affairs, November/December, 2010, New York: Council on Foreign Relations, 2010.

3.    Schweller, Randall, “Emerging Powers in an Age of Disorder”, Global Governance, 17, 2011, Boulder: Lynne Reinner, 2011.

4.    Amorim, Celso, “Conceitos de Segurança e Defesa—implicações para a ação interna e externa do governo,” in J. R. de Almeida Pinto, A.J. Ramalho da Rocha and R. Doring Pinho da Silva (eds.), Reflexões Sobre Defesa e Segurança: uma Estratégia para o Brasil, 2004, p. 140, Brasilia: Ministry of Defense.  Quoted in Kai M. Kenkel, “Brazil and R2P: Does Taking Responsibility Mean Using Force?” in Global Responsibility to Protect 4(1), Boston: Brill 2012.

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