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What a more honest column for the New York Times by Brazil’s former president might have looked like.
In a murder-plagued Brazilian city, a legislator pushes against popular clamor for hard-line enforcement.
The imprisoned former president will be center stage in the Oct. 7 election – even if he’s not a candidate.
Geopolitical divisions in the West could give Brazil and its partners a chance to increase their influence.
A leading candidate for president sounds off on his rivals – and friends.
As the World Cup nears, there are few signs that authorities at Brazil’s scrutinized soccer federation are ready to do things differently.
The leader in polls for Brazil’s October election does not have a pro-business past.
A new study shows that violence costs Brazil more than 4 percent of GDP. Here's how security policy could be more cost-effective.
Brazil faces profound challenges, but a recent column by AQ's editor-in-chief overlooks the many reasons to be optimistic about the country's future.
The once unthinkable is now becoming normal, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.


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