Brazil faces profound challenges, but a recent column by AQ's editor-in-chief overlooks the many reasons to be optimistic about the country's future.
The once unthinkable is now becoming normal, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.
A bill passed yesterday by Brazil's Lower House marks a major step forward in the push for privacy.
While the U.S. and others expel diplomats, Brazil’s decision not to criticize Russia reveals its uncertain position in the changing global order.
The response to a politician's murder may be a turning point in finding a way out of Rio's crisis.
While all eyes are on the military intervention in Rio, Brazil’s generals are preparing for one of the world’s most complex peacekeeping missions.
Dogged by scandal, Temer spent his political capital on survival, leaving little for urgently needed reform.
How a retired Army captain rose from a marginal apologist for torture and dictatorship to a serious contender for Brazil’s presidency.
The federal judge overseeing the Car Wash investigations tells AQ what Brazil needs to further combat corruption.
Food critic Josimar Melo shares his ideal day of eating in Brazil’s largest city.


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